Material Options for Residential Entrance Door Ideas

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Wouldn’t it feel amazing to make a grand entrance every time you enter your home?

When thinking of residential entrance door ideas, choosing the right material for the front door of a home can make every entrance a grand one and provide great curb appeal without sacrificing security or comfort.

A steel door is a confident choice for homeowners considering home security as a top priority. Steel doors are safe due to their reinforcement around the lock areas. Though safer, steel doors sacrifice some heat loss due to the conductivity of steel, allowing some cold air to transfer into the home.

On the other end, the classic look of a wood door, such as oak, provides a characteristic nuance to the look of the home while maintaining a comfortable home climate. However, there is a chance of gaps developing in the door due to extreme temperatures. The home owner may have to endure constant maintenance with a wood door.

A modern approach to residential entrance door ideas is the use of a fiberglass, or woodgrain fiberglass, door. Fiberglass doors are a popular choice for homeowners as these are well insulated and require little to no maintenance. Long-lasting, with low maintenance required, fiberglass doors can be designed to emulate the natural look of wood doors. This will provide your home with the classic elegant look of a wood door, with the safety and durability of fiberglass.
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Consider Materials for Residential Entrance Door Ideas

There are a number of things homeowners need to consider when thinking of residential entrance door ideas.  Besides colour, design or style, homeowners should also pay great attention to what material their front door will be constructed of. Whether the desire is to provide security, a classic look or even just curb appeal, there are many options of residential entrance door materials to choose from to suit every preference.

Wood Doors for that Classic Look

Nothing is comparable to the classic look and homely warmth that a wood door brings to the home. Wood doors have been, and always will be, a great option for homeowners looking for a door that reflects their home’s personality well. A well-crafted door of Oak or Hemlock is a pleasure to open or knock on for all.
For the comfort of the home, wood doors are a great choice because they do not transfer external temperatures into the home as they are poor conductors of hot or cold energy; although, in fluctuating climates, wood doors tend to shrink and expand and, as a result, will need some upkeep over time.

Confident Home Security in Steel Doors

If home security is a concern, steel doors can provide homeowners and their families with great comfort due to the resilience of steel without sacrificing curb appeal. Steel doors are reinforced at the lock areas and with rot-resistant bottomrails. Using modern steel construction techniques, steel doors can be built with decorative panels that can provide luxurious appearances while maintaining both security and curb appeal.

Fiberglass and Woodgrain Fiberglass Doors  

Inexpensive and durable, fiberglass doors have become increasingly popular with homeowners over the years. Able to provide the warmth and elegance of wood and a long lasting alternative to steel due to its ability to resist dents, fiberglass is a hit with most homeowners. With the long lasting characteristic of fiberglass doors, it’s no wonder that homeowners go with this option when considering the long-term benefits of their residential entrance door.

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